Short Term
Parenting Counseling

Six sessions to help you create more family harmony

What you can get out of the program:

We can help you adapt your existing skills to reduce conflict at home and feel closer to your child

Six Sessions

Session 1: Participants gain an overall understanding of the program, and spend some time discussing the family unit. 

Session 2: We will engage in a reflective analysis, evaluating both successes and challenges within the relationship(s) that are being focused on. Particularly, focusing on the parent's role and examining inherited attitudes, behaviors, and parenting styles. 

Session 3: The third session shifts the spotlight onto the child, exploring their needs, the parental contributions to the child, and understanding the why of your child’s behaviors. 

Sessions 4 & 5:  The fourth and fifth sessions consolidate learning, crafting a tailored plan for both parent and child, with an emphasis on practical examples and tools to foster effective changes. 

Session 6: We'll review progress and reinforce new skills. Reflect on future areas for change, and receive recommendations for ongoing practice of new or enhanced skills.

Ask us about a booster session after the program is completed.