Covid-19 Policies

COVID-19 Procedures for In-Person Appointments

Alliance Therapy Center cares about the welfare of our clients, staff, and their families, and we are taking measures to ensure that everyone visiting our offices will feel safe and comfortable. To achieve this, we ask that all clients and visitors please follow the guidelines below:

Waiting Room - Masks Encouraged for Unvaccinated Visitors or If You Are Sick

All visitors and clients who are not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks. Other visitors, wear masks according to your needs and preferences. If you are sick, please wear a mask. A mask is available if you need one. 

Your Therapist’s Office - Masks Optional

Once you are in your therapist’s office, you and your therapist can discuss what is most comfortable for each of you.

Building Public Areas (Hallways, Bathrooms) - Masks Optional

We encourage everyone to be vigilant about protecting our clients, friends, and family members who are still vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus and its variants. To that end, please wear a mask if you are sick or unvaccinated.

Alliance Cleaning Procedures:

Doorknobs and commonly touched surfaces are cleaned frequently using disinfecting wipes and spray. Hand sanitizer is available in the waiting room and in each office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your individual therapist. Thank you!