Amy Commander, LSW


When we are able to shed feelings of shame and be vulnerable, we are able to dream, to embrace change as possible and then practice it. When we become aware of and in tune with our emotions—one of the many things that institutional injustices make more difficult—we learn about ourselves, our capacities, and our needs. We can then set boundaries and improve our relationships. We are then able to help ourselves with clear intent and invite our communities to support us. Areas of practice include depression, anxiety, attachment styles, non-monogamy, sexuality and gender issues, HIV, and self-worth.

The context of your experiences has shaped you in this complicated and profound world; how can we work together to find generative solutions for your life? How can I best support you in achieving your vision for healing? I use an eclectic approach of psychodynamic, harm reduction, systems-based perspectives, and emotionally- and relationally-focused therapy.


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I hope to join you in the process of identifying connections and patterns, testing new ways of relating, and learning to thrive, always with the goal of healing in mind.

“I am making myself. I make myself until I reach the pit.” - Clarice Lispector