Therapist Incubator Project

Learn How to Run Your Own Private Practice

Alliance Therapy Center is an ethical group practice designed to foster the well-being of both clinicians and clients. Our approach is to help therapists explore their clinical philosophies and expand and deepen clinical knowledge. Under the tutelage of Heather Martin, LCSW, clinicians learn to navigate the intricacies of both the clinical and business aspects of being an outpatient therapist. The project aims to foster clinical independence, effective practice, and ethical behaviors to support the needs of the clients while also creating the conditions that allow clinicians to grow according to their personal and professional values. At Alliance, we believe happy and well-supported clinicians can provide service to clients for many years without burnout, overload, or pressures to perform past their capacity.

Alliance Therapy Center works with LSWs and LCSWs to help them learn how to manage their own practice.

  • Credentialing with insurance panels

  • Liability concerns

  • Attracting clients

  • Managing the intake and client-screening process

  • Medical billing

  • Mitigating risk through assessment

  • Documentation in private practice

  • Overcoming early obstacles

  • Development of the clinical relationship in private practice

  • Growing your practice