Alexa Schwartz, LCSW


Are you struggling with changes and transitions? Are you dealing with issues around self-esteem or relationships? I can help you develop the skills to accept yourself and build accepting relationships with others. Therapy can help you take pride in your changing identity, sexual orientation, or relationship preferences.

I practice authentic client-centered therapy, and I can help you discover and believe in your worth. Together, we'll try to look at things in new ways and find different perspectives to get you unstuck. I respect how difficult it can be to change and to keep changing until you reach your goals. I believe in the power of possibility.

As a social worker, I understand that systems of oppression compound mental health and other problems. One critically important aspect of therapy is to name and address these systems. 


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I am ready to hear what you have to say, to listen with compassion, and to help you make sense of it all.