Jenny Lee, LSW


I believe everyone deserves to live a life of authenticity, joy, and personal fulfillment. I am LGBTQ+-affirming, sex-positive, and strengths-focused. My therapeutic style is eclectic, and heavily influenced by attachment theory and contemporary psychodynamic theories, including narrative therapy and parts work. Together, we will explore how your identity, your relationships, the stories you tell yourself, and the stories you have been told about yourself interact with social and historical context to create the life you are living.

We will identify the strategies you have developed over your lifetime, and you will decide which you want to keep, which you want to change, and which new strategies you want to learn. I believe that you are in control of your journey. Along the way, you may encounter challenges that make you feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or anxious.


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As your therapist, I will help you identify the barriers to your best life, and we will create a plan to conquer them based on your strengths so that you can begin living a life that feels more fulfilling, joyful, and authentically YOU.