Patrick Gann, LCSW


So you're considering therapy. Whether you're a newcomer, or you've searched high and low for a therapist or counselor to help you through your struggles, I invite you to consider how I might be able to help. Perhaps you are struggling with a chronic mental health condition; perhaps you have experienced a significant stressor or trauma and need help processing it all. You may want insight on how to lessen your suffering, or how to overcome a challenge. If any of this sounds like what you're experiencing, I am so glad you somehow found your way here, because I want to help.

When I work with a client, I tend to focus on the balance and paradox of acceptance and change -- both within ourselves, and in the world around us. I also find that exploring our internal narratives, "the stories we tell ourselves," can bring about significant change in our lives. Tangible skills, addressing routine and ritual, is also key to my practice.


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If you've never taken the leap and sought therapy before, but feel you would benefit, do not hesitate to reach out! If you have sought mental health treatment throughout your life and worry that nothing can help, know that others have stood at that place and found solace and paths forward.

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