Bethany McLaughlin, LCSW


With nearly two decades of experience in mental health, I specialize in supporting individuals grappling with anxiety, OCD, perfectionism, and life transitions. My background in higher education, many at numerous Pittsburgh universities, has equipped me to understand the unique pressures faced by academics, their partners, and students across all levels of post-secondary education. Additionally, I offer support to new parents, caregivers, professionals experiencing career shifts, and older adults, helping them navigate life's changes with compassion and understanding.

I have a warm, conversational style, and work from the knowledge that you already have the answers within you. Working as a team, we'll uncover them, focusing on overcoming shame and practicing self-compassion. As a social worker, I also hold a view of well-being that recognizes the interconnectedness of our personal and collective challenges.

Together, we will find ways to reduce your suffering and shame-based feelings & thoughts, promote your resilience and increase your feelings of contentment in your life. 


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