Tish Hines, LSW


It’s not easy to seek help for your mental health, especially if you’re used to handling things on your own. The process can make you nervous or even scared, which is perfectly normal, so it’s a good idea to remember why you decided to take these steps in the first place. The goal is to improve your overall mental health and live a balanced life. Since you’ve come this far, kudos to you on trying something different!

My philosophy is to build on your strengths by utilizing a recovery approach for empowerment. I will create a safe space for you to share your life experiences in a non-judgment zone, and I'll work with you to develop goals that are important to you. I will help you obtain new skills in the areas you would like to improve.


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I can help!

With my support, our sessions will also include ways you can practice these new skills outside of our sessions. I can also help you identify new resources to help you improve many aspects of your life. Please contact me for a free consultation!