Matt Wilson, LCSW

I help people who are confused by their emotions to develop a sense of control and safety in exploring their thoughts, memories and feelings. I work with people who have experienced sexual/physical abuse in childhood, or assault in adulthood, community violence, gender violence or incarceration; and who find it hard to control anger, sadness, mood swings, stress, to trust themselves, others or have close relationships. I believe that honest, compassionate discussion lets you approach what you might want to ignore, but won’t go away; or explore what might not have space to be said with friends or family.

I recognize not all problems we face are in our minds, and that racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ and other oppressive policies/actions shape our world. My approach helps by giving clarity to emotions, resolving conflicting mind-states, developing insight and shedding new light on how best to move ahead.


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Choosing a therapist is a big step in getting better, and I want to help: email me to get started, and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about therapy or my approach. 

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License: PA CW020460