Cory Coppersmith, LCSW


We live in a frightening time. Many of us feel unsafe or melancholy even with partners and friends. Even before COVID, some of us felt like outsiders in our own families or communities, and now we are even more isolated, cut off from normal forms of intimacy. The world has infinite color and possibility, but it often seems totally out of reach. Most of us are just surviving. What if we could be thriving?

A good therapist works to create a sense of safety and refuge in sessions, and then calm the chatter and find your wisdom together. My style is warm, humorous, and authentic: no canned responses or robotic therapy allowed.


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Looking for a therapist is difficult, and finding one who suits you is even harder. It's unjust that our profession has a lack of BIPoC/queer/poly professionals, and I try my best to be an informed and competent antiracist ally to my clients. If you think I might be a good fit, reach out to me for a quick consultation via text or phone.