Ann E. Adams, LCSW


I specialize in treating trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I’m also here to help if you’ve gone through a significant stressor or loss recently — perhaps you’ve experienced a major upheaval or maybe you’re grappling with more subtle, disruptive changes in your day-to-day functioning. Such shifts can be deeply destabilizing, wreaking havoc on our mental health and causing us to question core beliefs and ask: Am I even on the right path? New traumas unfold - older ones may awaken but we all still have a very real need to feel grounded and safe - to be free from the anxiety and depression that obscure our truest selves.

As a trauma-focused therapist, I will help you with this very task. We will use evidence-based methods to help calm the unwanted noise that is anxiety and identify the barriers holding you back. I will work with you to not only uncover your truest desires and goals, but to also identify the sneaky ways we self-sabotage and put an end to unhealthy patterns.


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My therapeutic style is warm, compassionate and relational but I will also make sure to challenge you; to help you to see yourself and the world in new ways. We will work closely together to uncover and look at what pains us and just as importantly, begin believe in and experience our own very fundamental capacities to heal.