Adéla Waton, LCSW


Relationships can be hard. They can be a source of tremendous joy and excruciating pain, sometimes both at the same time. They can end before we are ready or they can last longer than we would have wanted. I believe that healthy interpersonal relationships are an important part of mental health and that the most important relationship, the one that makes all the other ones possible, is the one we have with our own self. Sometimes it can be hard to figure it out all on your own which is where therapy can help. It is another relationship after all, albeit very different from the others. When therapy “works”, it becomes a safe space where you can explore new ways of being and relating to the world around you. 

I specialize in issues such as: belonging, identity, and the search for purpose and meaning. My approach is a combination of psychodynamic, existential, and narrative therapy.  In our work together, we can explore the reasons behind your distress and gain insight into how your past relationships affect the present. We will focus on your emotions and create a narrative of resilience in the process. 


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