Calla Kainaroi, LSW


I understand psychotherapy as a collaborative, relational endeavor that fosters a robust curiosity about one's history, particularly as it plays out in the here and now. I am dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complex terrain of harmful past and present family dynamics, abusive partnerships, and other relational betrayals. Together, we will explore the root origins of your relational challenges, address unhelpful or limiting patterns of communication, and work to cultivate a more meaningful existence.

As an integrative psychodynamic therapist, I draw upon various therapeutic modalities including humanistic and existential perspectives. I encourage clients to explore their values, beliefs, and existential dilemmas. Avoiding such inquiries can lead to deepened feelings of anxiety, dread, and meaninglessness.


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If you are seeking a therapist who will carefully guide you through the intricate landscape of family dynamics, relational wounds, or existential concerns, I invite you to reach out for a confidential consultation.